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Breakline Drafting

Breakline drafting is strongly focused on “soft” engineering solutions as opposed to the “hard” engineering solutions of the past.

The use of concrete, pipes, steel and other hard man-made products has been extremely efficient in creating large cities but has been less successful in addressing the needs of the environment. The need for a healthy water supply and clean rivers and streams has inspired many engineers and scientists to look at a more natural approach such as building wetlands to improve water quality and others to function as sewerage treatment works. Simple processes such as planting the appropriate type of trees and reshaping the land to permit the growth of natural vegetation has enabled significant restoration of the land and aided the re-habitation of threatened animal species.


The planning and execution of these programs is closely linked to the installation of natural occurring components such as rocks and environmentally friendly products such as coir logs and geotextiles.

Breakline Drafting is experienced in presenting this methodology and has associations with bodies that can initiate the planning of these “soft” engineering projects.

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